Quite Simply a Wonderful Place to Work!

Visitors to our offices often say it is obvious staff enjoy working at The NAV | 365 People; there is a real buzz, sense of energy, collaboration and passion which is tangible upon stepping through the front door.

An atmosphere like no other

Here are a few of the things that makes our company a great place to work:

Free Friday lunches

One of the benefits of working at The NAV | 365 People which amazes new staff members is that every Friday the company provides a free lunch for all employees in the office. This varies from week to week – fish and chips / pizzas / burgers etc. Sharing lunches together on Friday is a great way for staff across the company, regardless of their position or department, to socialise and build relationships in an unforced environment.

Games in the office

The NAV | 365 People’s offices have a very relaxed vibe and people are encouraged to take breaks when they need to. There are a number of games to give people an outlet to take a break and socialise together – table football, swingball and a basketball net to name a few. After an hour of working at the screen it’s nice to be able to take 10mins out to play a game with a colleague and restore energies before the next task!

Hospitality and Concierge Manager

We have a Hospitality and Concierge Manager whose job it is, not only to look after customers and visitors to our office, but to also look after the staff. She takes the orders for Friday lunches and do regular rounds of the office with a refreshments trolley to keep everyone fed and watered! She also takes care of treats like ice lollies on hot days!

People from all corners of the globe

The NAV | 365 People employ staff from all corners of the globe; we have staff from Portugal, Lithuania, Brazil, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Canada, Spain, Romania, Denmark, Bulgaria, India, South Africa, Singapore, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Hong Kong, Australia, UAE and, of course, the UK! Not bad for a company of 200 people! We think that the result of this multi-cultural community is a fun, vibrant family to be part of and brings a range of experiences, perspectives and ideas to the table.

Nurturing our staff

We believe in nurturing and developing our staff, helping them develop in their roles or explore new opportunities. We do this in the following ways:


Everyone deserves a good start in a new job so all new staff members have a full day induction upon starting at The NAV | 365 People. We have a training manager whose job it is to induct every new member to the company, introducing them to the team, taking them out to show where the nearby places to eat and buy lunch from, taking them through the HR paperwork and giving them a background presentation on the company. Our MD, Ian, also gives regular Company Overview presentations to new starters taking them through the company ethos, mission and values.


New Staff members shadow all departments before engaging in their role, they are then trained up within their department. They are also encouraged to attend external training courses where appropriate and the company covers the cost of those courses.


People have the opportunity to develop into senior or alternative roles as our business continues to grow and new branches are opened; fancy moving to Portugal anyone?


We have a very low staff turn-over which is due to the fact that we are flexible and willing to adapt to staff members’ personal situations. We have a number of staff members who have returned to their home countries and continue to work for us remotely, which also allows us to further extend our business abroad.