Jet Global

Jet Global provide complete business intelligence Excel-based Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central reporting tools.

Making quick decisions and having streamlined access to data is a necessity for most businesses – now more than ever. Using Jet Global tools gives businesses access to the data they need in the familiar environment of Excel. Without any need for complex data expertise, users can create reports using any part of Dynamics NAV & Dynamics 365 Business Central. Jet’s seamlessly integrated add-ons help users to get the most out of the data within their Dynamics NAV & Dynamics 365 Business Central system.

Jet Reports can be used to compile all financial and business reporting inside Excel, meaning teams can explore their data at the click of a button. Jet Analytics is a larger scale business intelligence tool that uses data warehousing to give businesses insights into their data. Jet Budgets organises the workflow and can automate company-wide budgeting. 

Three solutions, one common aim from Jet Global: more streamlined access to your business data.

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Jet Reports

A very popular add-on, Jet Reports is the one-stop solution for all financial and operational reporting. As the original Jet solution, Jet Reports was initially built specifically for Dynamics NAV (pre-Microsoft), with the aim of expanding on the reporting capabilities of NAV. It allows the user to gain valuable insights into their business, as well as create and adjust their own reports. Jet Reports is the most popular third-party tool our customers use, and we offer training days for the software completely free of charge – see below for more details. The familiarity of Excel combined with the ease of Jet Reports helps in multiple areas:

Time saving

  • Gone are the days of waiting for IT departments to create reports
  • Experience the familiar environment of Excel, meaning there is no new interface to learn


  • Eliminate the possibility of human error and showcase the true success of your business


  • Minimal data skills required – information is pulled directly from the user’s Dynamics NAV or Business Central system
  • Empower your staff to discover the data they need
  • The complexities of reporting are unravelled – standard reports can created easily using drag and drop functionality

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Jet Analytics

The ultimate answer for business intelligence, Jet Analytics is a warehouse data automation platform that can perform sophisticated business analysis without the user having to understand the underlying data structure. This solution is more suitable for businesses who want to interrogate more of their data than they could in Jet Reports. It requires a bit more planning in the form of a ‘data warehouse’, but once that has been created the reporting possibilities are endless! The dashboard filters within Jet Analytics also help build interactive graphs that can be filtered and studied in accordance with business needs. In fact, the user may go on a journey towards finding some business insights that they may not have previously thought about.

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Jet Budgets

Control fiscal planning by simplifying and accelerating the process with Jet Budgets. Choosing this add-on will help a small or midsize business save time on budgeting. Jet Budgets helps to control the workflow needed to consolidate budget information in one place. Budgets can be created from different dimensions in Dynamics NAV and Business Central or from a wider area.

Using Jet Budgets helps the user to flexibly reassess and adjust or review budgets to meet changing fiscal needs. One of the main barriers commonly found with budgeting tools is ease of use, but thanks to its integration with the familiar Jet and Excel environments, Jet Budgets is one of the most user-friendly solutions out there. Budgets can be uploaded back into Dynamics NAV and Business Central, automatically emailed to relevant staff members, and scheduled as recurring automated workflows.

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Here's what our customers have to say about Jet Reports!

Like all accountants we love Excel; we can now get information out of Dynamics NAV and into a spreadsheet with very little effort. It is an exceptionally quick process! Gary Lord, Financial Director, Trago Mills

It used to be a laborious manual task pulling together the sales reports, particularly as information wasn’t located in one place.  Jet Reports has streamlined the whole process. It is a powerful tool that is simple to use. Caroline Aylward, Operations Manager, Altfield

The manual process of producing reports would feel like one long hangover; Jet Reports has changed this. The time saved through using this one function alone is almost immeasurable; it is so straightforward that anyone can produce a report. Paddy Smith, Company Accountant, Westons Cider

Jet deals with everything from dimensional analysis of sales to automated stock reports that are run weekly. The refresh button is particularly useful, as managers can look at a previous report and have the figures instantly updated with real time data. Mark Whalley, Head of Manufacturing & Logistics, FirstKind Medical

Jet Reports is quick and easy to use, with just a few mouse clicks we can generate the daily sales report, it’s given us a level of business clarity that we simply didn’t have before. Malcolm Kanter, Director, Datek Solutions