Diamond solution

Beaverbrooks, a family-owned jeweller established in 1919, found that their Dynamics NAV users were losing valuable time due to unsuitable role centres. No visibility on outstanding tasks led to unnecessary time spent hunting around the system, saving shortcuts to menus, and periodically checking back to see if there was anything to be done.

In need of a solution to improve visibility of data and help drive user efficiency, Beaverbrooks approached The NAV | 365 People (TNP). Graham Tobin, a TNP Solution Architect took a trip to the seaside where their Head Office is located and spent time talking with key users to better understand the challenges the business wanted to solve.

Quick access

Graham implemented TNP’s nHanced Panels and Tiles to help visualise system information and allow users to access any page through one click on the role centre. Panels, which contain tiles and links, can be created and tiles can open pages or reflect values, e.g. open sales orders or flash figures such as sales today.

Beaverbrooks nHanced Panels and Tiles

Increased visibility

Previously, users across the business were using one of three role centres created for them by a previous partner, which in a lot of cases were neither relevant nor useful. Now, with nHanced Panels and Tiles, Beaverbrooks have Panels for every department and can see their individually relevant tasks on a personalised Dynamics NAV role centre.


‘I created Panels for each Department to give them visibility of tasks or items to be actioned’, says Graham. ‘I also trained one of their IT team on how to create and modify Panels & Tiles so they can be self-sufficient’.

Optimised productivity

Beaverbrooks have benefitted from Graham’s well spent time with users now able to see at a glance where their efforts need to be focused and easily access the supporting data to get the job done! By becoming self-sufficient, Beaverbrooks can further personalise their system without the need of external developer help and of course, the associated costs.

Beaverbrooks nHanced Panels and Tiles

A jewel in our crown

With Graham’s extensive knowledge and TNP’s nHanced products, the company saved both time and money, plus increased user productivity and visibility. By maximising the wealth of standard functionality within Dynamics NAV and using apps made to compliment the system, any business could make gains across departments with small changes and low cost. The relationship between customer and partner ‘is in a very good place’, says Graham, with the benefits being felt across departments.

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