TNP Coronavirus Update

Updated: 7th April 2020

Dear Customer,

I hope you, your families and your colleagues well in these strange times?

I wanted to update you on how life is at The NAV | 365 People and how we are adapting our situation as the daily challenges present themselves.

Firstly, can I thank the many of you who, even in difficult times, continue to pass nice comments especially to our support team. Your comments are always appreciated and circulated within the company.

As you can imagine, with many companies changing their priorities, some of our projects have been postponed to later in the year. As a result, along with many companies, we have taken the prudent decision to furlough a small number of our staff. The amazing TNP family have all been hugely supportive of our plan to help make sure we see this difficult period through and come out the other side with all our team still at the company. We also have supportive investors and a committed management team focused to ensure we will be here for the long term to look after you.

If one of your regular contacts has been furloughed (you will know from their OOO response), we ask you not to contact them directly and instead please use the generic group contacts [email protected] or [email protected]. If you are in any doubt or need something urgently addressed, please contact me directly (my details are below). Rest assured we still have the majority of our organisation still active and focused on delivering the support and services that our customers require.

Finally, to underpin our commitment to the future, we are continuing with our planned ‘Academy’, where we will take 7 young enthusiastic new recruits and train them in the necessary skills, so that when we emerge from this testing time, we have a strengthened team to pick up where we left off. Please join us in welcoming our young NAV People to the family.

We trust that you, and your businesses, are navigating the challenges faced by everyone satisfactorily and we look forward to working together and seeing you in person once again when this time has passed.

Our very best,

Ian Humphries
Managing Director

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +44 (0)7798 504517