Dynamics NAV - Manufacturing 101

1 Day (10:00 - 17:00 BST)
Currently Virtual Classrooms
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Course Overview

Develop your understanding of the Manufacturing module in Dynamics NAV with this course and learn about planning setup, replenishment options, production bills of material maintenance, routes, item costing and much more!

This training course has two variants - one for users of Classic Dynamics NAV and the other for users of Dynamics NAV (formerly known as Navisionwith the Role Tailored Centre (RTC).

To ensure everyone gets an opportunity to attend our free training courses we have had to apply a limit of 2 people per company per course. You are more than welcome to register for more places and if the course is not full or places become available we will contact you to offer you the extra places.

To get the most of your free training you should come along to this only if you have attended our Dynamics NAV Introduction in a Day or have at least 6 months experience with Dynamics NAV.


10:15 Welcome

10:30 Inventory Products

  • Item Card
  • Variants
  • Stock Keeping Units

11:00 Planning Setup

  • Order Promising
  • Planning Worksheet
  • Requisition Worksheet
  • Master Production
  • Scheduling
  • Material Requirements
  • Planning

12:00 Replenishment Options

  • Purchase
  • Production
  • Transfer

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Requisition Options

  • Order
  • Lot-for-Lot
  • Fixed Methods

14:00 Manufacturing Setup

  • Production Bill of Material
  • Items vs. Production BOM
  • (Phantoms)
  • Expected Scrap
  • Calculation Methods

14:30 Production Bills of Material Maintenance

  • Version Management
  • Exchanging Production BOM Items
  • Deleting Expired Components

14:45 Routes

  • Version Management
  • Specific Cost
  • Concurrent Capacity
  • Parallel Routes

15:00 Capacity Requirements Planning

  • Work Centres
  • Machine Centres
  • Work Shifts
  • Calendars
  • Calculating Capacity
  • CRP and Planning
  • Finite Capacity

15:30 Production Order Processing

  • Releasing Production OrdersFlushing Methods
  • Job Card
  • Material Shortages and Requirements
  • Production Journal
  • Output
  • Consumption
  • Finishing Production Orders

16:00 Outside Processing

  • Outside Work Centres
  • Time vs. Units
  • Sub-Contractor Worksheet
  • Receiving Purchase Orders

16:30 Item Costing

  • Costing Methods
  • Standard Cost
  • Calculating and Rolling Standard Cost
  • Implementing Cost Changes
  • Revaluation Journals

17:00 Meet the Team, Coffee & Close

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