Upgrading to Dynamics 365 Business Central

There are different routes to get you to Dynamics 365 Business Central - some easier than others, some with better end-results. The option you choose will depend largely on where you are today and what the goals are for your upgrade (we will help you make the right choice so don’t worry!)

What’s your perfect world?

A good starting question to ask yourself is what your perfect end-position looks like.

Your perfect end-position might be that you are on the latest version of Dynamics 365 Business Central, you have not modified the base app (standard code) and any tailoring for your organisation is as an ‘extension’ (extensions are like apps that add functionality with modifying the base app). Hopefully this new world also has nice clean data (you haven’t got loads of unwanted customers, items etc) and any improvements to setup like dimensions, master data classification and so on are all better in the new world. Oh yes and those mods you once had that you no longer need, they are gone too. That’s maybe the perfect world - and if you’re on a very old version of Dynamics NAV this 'start from standard' approach is a good place to start.

At this point it’s worth saying, the good thing about not changing the base app (and having amendments as extensions) is that this will be your last big upgrade. Future upgrades will be much easier - you’ll just apply your extensions to the new version and you are good to go.

You may however be on a more recent version of Dynamics NAV (2016 , 2017 or 2018 for example), and feel that your data and you setup are all good, you have modifications that are all still relevant and your ideal world is that you’re on Dynamics 365 Business Central with your modifications as extensions, but with all your old modifications, setup and data as you have today.

Finally, your particular perfect world may be ‘the cheapest way to get that new technology’, you don’t care about future upgrades; after all it’s better to be on a modified code version of Dynamics 365 Business Central than staying on your current modified code Dynamics NAV version.

The 3 big things to consider

So basically the things to think about, and then talk to us about, are:

  • Do you want to keep all your modifications?
  • Do you want to be on the easy upgrade route in the future?
  • Do you like all the data in your system? Setup data, structures, and/or transactional data?

Finally, what will you get?

With your Dynamics 365 Business Central solution you will be using the web client; there is no Windows client (it’s gone bless its soul). The web client has lots of deployment advantages and is a lovely interface. You’ll get a great mobile client to access all of the solution, an Outlook client to link your information to the person who just emailed you, and you’ll get access to a load of apps designed for Dynamics 365 Business Central and deployable from the app store. It’s a great place to be. By the way if you think you need to do this gradually, talk to us about a ‘Functional Bridge’, it might be the way to go. Either way, don’t worry, we know about this stuff and can help you get to Dynamics 365 Business Central via the best route for your business!