nHanced Multi-Company Management

Multi-Company Management is an essential part of most Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central systems

If you have lots of companies in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central, you need to log into lots of times to do common financial tasks. We have built some tools to make life a little easier for you and take the headaches out of the process.

Synchronising Companies

With this module you can now synchronise common financial setup across multiple companies. We can set up a master company and push settings like Dimensions, GL Accounts, Posting Groups and much more to recipient companies and keep them in sync automatically. Nice.

Intercompany Postings

We have also added the ability to automate Intercompany Postings. In standard Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central you need to manually manage the Intercompany Inbox, Outbox & Journal for reviewing the Postings, but if you are managing a bunch of subsidiaries from the same, actual desk as many people are, it can be a pretty onerous task going through the steps.

We have, again, hugely simplified this for you by creating automations around this process – massively speeding up the process.

You can choose what level of automation you prefer – for example you might like for the IC Inbox and Outbox to be automated, but prefer to manually Post the transaction. Or for ‘Unmanned’ companies you might just prefer the whole thing to be automated. This automation can be defined on a company by company basis giving you just the right amount of control and efficiency.


This product is not currently featured in one of our bundles.

Visit our page on multi-company accounting.