nHanced 365

Dynamics NAV | 365 Business Central is a wonderful product and in our view, the best on the market when considering its depth of functionality and its incredible flexibility. But like with all solutions, customers often purchase external solutions to deal with areas such as document management, print management, reporting and often to improve functional areas such as credit control.

We've taken the most common additional needs of Dynamics NAV | 365 Business Central users and created a range of enhancements to offer you that extra extended versatility of your system.

Not sure which products complement each other? We've put together some handy bundles to get you started! Check them out here

Screen Capture of nHanced Dotdigital Integration
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nHanced dotdigital Integration

Bring marketing campaigns to life by combining the information in your Dynamics NAV | 365 Business Central segments with dotdigital’s email marketing tool.

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nHanced Panels & Tiles

nHanced Panels & Tiles for Dynamics NAV | 365 Business Central gives you the ability to create your own tiles, change the colour, logos and add animation!

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nHanced Sales & Purchase Worksheets

nHanced Sales & Purchase Worksheets for Dynamics NAV | 365 Business Central have standard file formats to stop help import failures of multi-line documents.

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nHanced Sales Budgets

nHanced Sales Budgets for Dynamics NAV | 365 Business Central is based on the standard Microsoft version, but with some additions to make it much more powerful!

Screen Capture of nHanced GDPR
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nHanced GDPR

nHanced GDPR has been created to help your organisation manage both the GDPR data held as well as the processes necessary to be compliant.

Screen Capture of nHanced Payments
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nHanced Payments

nHanced Payments is a web application which acts as a broker between Dynamics NAV | 365 Business Central & your payment provider payment gateway & third-party systems.

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nHanced Requisitions

nHanced Requisitions for Dynamics NAV | 365 Business Central simplifies the internal purchase request process, and gives the buying team control for purchasing.

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nHanced Conversations

With nHanced Conversations for Dynamics NAV | 365 Business Central, users can start a thread with other users about a particular record in the system,

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nHanced Business Processes

nHanced Business Processes for Dynamics NAV | 365 Business Central lets you control new ideas in your company and ultimately decide if they should become reality.

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nHanced Emailing

nHanced Emailing for Dynamics NAV | 365 Business Central integrates with nOra and sends triggers to start various processes, such as a workflow response.

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nHanced Workflow

nHanced Workflow for Dynamics NAV | 365 Business Central provides full workflow creation for the end-user (without an administrator!).

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nHanced Checklists

nHanced Checklists for Dynamics NAV | 365 Business Central allow you to create a set of 'tasks' against a record. Simple, but brilliant!

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nHanced Document Distribution

nHanced Document Distribution for Dynamics NAV | 365 Business Central gives the ability to create multiple versions of report documents & automatically process them.

Staff Portal
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nHanced Preconfigured Portals

We offer 3 Preconfigured Portals for Microsoft Dynamics NAV to meet common business needs; a customer portal, a vendor portal and a staff portal.

Screen Capture of nHanced Search
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nHanced Search

With nHanced Search any piece of information in Dynamics NAV | 365 Business Central can be indexed and searched for quickly and easily saving lots of time.

Screen Capture of nHanced Order Management
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nHanced Order Management

nHanced Order Management takes Dynamics NAV | 365 Business Central’s already wonderful order processing and includes advanced back order functionality.

Screen Capture of nHanced Multi-Company Management
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nHanced Multi-Company Management

nHanced Multi-Company Management makes life easier when it comes to Multi-Company management in Dynamics NAV | 365 Business Central for common financial tasks.

Screen Capture of nHanced Jet Runner
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nHanced Jet Runner

Jet Runner allows you to run Jet Reports reports inside Dynamics NAV | 365 Business Central in one click, which can then be output by Excel, HTML or PDF.

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nHanced Attachments

Using the nHanced Attachment module users can store any type of file against any record in Dynamics NAV | 365 Business Central (standard or customised).

Screen Capture of Automated User (nOra)
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Automated User (nOra)

The core functionality of nOra is to respond to triggers in your Dynamics NAV | 365 Business Central System and start new processes such as workflows.

Screen Capture of nHanced Credit Control
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nHanced Credit Control

Using nHanced Credit Control for Dynamics NAV | 365 Business Central help with the ever-present problem of chasing customers for money!