Beverage ERP Support

All our team are experienced consultants who come to work each day with one purpose: to deliver a high quality, value for money service. Always at the end of the phone, they are more than happy to assist in any way they can, whether it’s a systems issue, functional question, process advice or training request, our team are here to help.

We pride ourselves on our extensive range of support services delivered by beverages experts; here are some of the benefits:

Account Management

Our Account Management Team ensures a regular flow of information and feedback between us and our customers, keeping them informed of developments in the Beverage ERP world. Your Account Manager will be primarily responsible for managing the relationship you have with us, including logging change requests, facilitating knowledge transfer relating to any solution or company changes, and ensuring that you are receiving the quality of service and Beverage ERP support you expect.

A friendly and knowledgeable support team

Our support staff are the best in the business so you can rely on them to answer your questions, steer you in the right direction and advise on the best way to manage your system. What’s more, several of our support staff have previous lives as end-users of beverage management solutions so they really do understand the challenges that you face and use personal experience to help you overcome them!

Beverage ERP Training

Training is essential if you want to get the most out of your beverage management system (and save yourself hours of lost time, headaches and frustration to boot!) We provide a range of training resources to help you understand your beverage ERP system and use it well! Ranging from face-to-face training days and quick how-to videos to live support and recorded presentations on the latest innovations from Microsoft, Drink-IT® and beyond - there'll be something perfect to help you.

The Polisher

Our Polisher will come to you to show you how to create your own Role Centre and tidy up your pages in your beverage management system ensuring that the user experience is as pleasant as possible. Our aim is to leave you with a great Role Centre and to give you the knowledge on how you can customise your interface.

Minor Mods

This is a service where we will make small changes (by which we mean those which take less than an hour) as part of your support contract. The kinds of things that we can offer as part of the minor mods service are: adding a field to a table and exposing it on a page/form, making fields visible and adding filters on a report.

SQL Nurse

For customers on a support contract, the SQL Nurse will perform a free remote 10-point SQL Health Check on your system, plus diagnosis of problem form and page performance. With the SQL Nurse we’ll get your system working smoothly again!