Dynamics NAV Health Check

Our free Dynamics NAV Health Check helps you get to the root of your system issues; both those that you are aware of and those that you didn’t even know existed!

Worried your Dynamics NAV system isn't performing as it should?

Do you use Dynamics NAV (formally Navision) but have concerns that it is not performing as it should? Perhaps your users are struggling to do what should be simple processes, entering data many times over and implementing unnecessary work-arounds which could be avoided if they understood the system’s capabilities better?

The NAV People’s free Health Check is designed to get to the root of your system issues; both those that you are aware of and those that you didn’t even know existed! Our experienced Dynamics NAV consultant will review how your NAV system is performing and being used by your staff. They will provide a straight-forward plan of action to remedy your current problems and provide a strategic view to ensure your Dynamics NAV software is fit for purpose for many years to come.

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And it's totally free you say?

Yep, the Health Check is completely free of charge and is conducted by our Dynamics NAV consultants who have years of experience implementing and supporting Dynamics NAV systems. Depending on the size of your system the Health Check takes up-to a day to complete. Our consultant will then write-up their findings and recommendations and will talk you through them at a time that suits you.

Why do we do it for free?  Well we are the UK’s number one reseller focused solely on Dynamics NAV.  We absolutely LOVE this product and want all users to get the most out of it. That’s why we offer this service free of charge and with no strings attached! Of course we’d be thrilled if you choose to join our family of customers but if you are happy with your current support partner then that’s cool.  We are still very happy to come and do a free Health Check – just for the love of NAV!


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Sounds great - sign me up!

Book your free Health Check here. Once we have received your request we will get in touch to arrange a date and explain the process in more detail. At this stage we can only undertake Health Checks in the UK and Ireland.

Book your Health Check here

How the Health Check Works

To start with we will give you a quick call to understand the size and complexity of your Dynamics NAV system and to arrange a date to conduct your Health Check. Most Health Checks are conducted onsite at your business’s office and take about a day to complete but for some smaller systems we can conduct the Health Check via a video conference call.

Our consultant starts the Health Check by getting a general overview of your business and your Dynamics NAV system.  Then they will meet with each of your super-users to understand how the system is being used through-out your business; we make sure that we cover every potential use of NAV by structuring the Health Check as if we were living a ‘Day in The Life of your business – following your business processes step-by-step from start to finish. The agenda below gives you an idea of what a standard Health Check day would look like:

  • Purchasing & Payments
    • Purchasing/stock
    • Purchase invoice processing
    • Non-stock purchase to pay
    • Paying suppliers
    • Expenses
  • Inventory
    • Good received
    • General warehouse/stock taking
    • Goods dispatch
  • Customer Relationship Management
    • Marketing/lead generation
    • Sales/pipeline management
  • Sales Order Processing
    • Quoting
    • Order processing accounts receivables (invoicing)
    • Returns & issue management (customer services)
    • Financial Management
    • Bank reconciliation
    • Reporting
  • General Reporting
  • Manufacturing, service management & warehousing (where applicable)
  • Bespoke: Any additional areas specific to your business

During the course of the day our consultant will get a good understanding of your system’s performance, users’ competence in using each area, where additional training is required and where processes are inefficient and better methods could be used.

If there is a particularly complex issue (for example a complicated warehouse process) our consultant will arrange for a NAV People specialist in that area to have a call with the super-user to discuss the issue in more detail and give advice on the best solution.

After the Health Check our consultant will write-up their findings along with their recommendations and will arrange a date with you to explain what they found. They will talk you through their suggestions to resolve issues and recommend improvements which will ensure your system is equipped to serve your business for many years to come.

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You wouldn’t believe the things we’ve seen over the years!

We’ve been in the Dynamics NAV world pretty much since it started out back in the 1990’s and in our time we’ve seen some absolute madness when it comes to how businesses use their Dynamics NAV system, with the simplest processes taking so long that users make a cup of tea whilst their task completes!  The really sad thing is that such loss of efficiency is the very antithesis of what Dynamics NAV was designed to do; it’s designed to make your business run smoothly and efficiently, right?  The problem is that many NAV users just put up with long-winded work-arounds and slow running searches because they assume, well, ‘That’s just the way it is.’ 

Here are just a few of the things we’ve come across (and turned around!) over the years!

Read the horror stories here!