Moving your Dynamics NAV Support to a new Partner

Thinking About Moving Dynamics NAV support to a new Partner?

If you are thinking about moving your Dynamics NAV Support to a new support partner it’s critical that the partner you are moving to has a solid and proven on-boarding process to ensure a smooth and de-risked transition. So this is how we do it…!

First of all, let’s quickly address the admin bit. It’s a simple move in Microsoft’s eyes; there’s a one page form, you tick a few boxes, sign the bottom, we send it in to Microsoft and within 24 hours we are assigned as your new Dynamics NAV Support partner. We need to do this so we can access your licence and make any changes you may need and to manage the billing of your annual maintenance from Microsoft.

From our side, we agree a support contract and sign it! But before we do that, there is some really important work that needs to be done; we need to get know you and your system, so the following activities are carried out as part of the on-boarding process.

Initially we take a look under the hood to get a good idea of what has been changed and how. But this only gives us half the story; we also need to understand the context in which the business is using the system and its modifications (or in some case not using the modifications that have been done!)

To get this rounded view of a customer we ask that they present their ‘Day in the Life’ (how you use your Dynamics NAV system). This is done to our hand-over team which typically comprises a Support Representative, an Account Manager and a Consultant. By doing both the technical review and the ‘Day in the Life’ overview we can ensure that we have context around the development and setup aspects of the solution. It’s also a great way to see if there are any quick wins around changing the use of the system or the processes being employed.

As well as reviewing how the system is set up and used we carry out a performance review; we talk to key users to understand where their hearts and minds are and of course we document outstanding technical and support issues - after all, we expect to take a system on completely, warts and all, not ask you to get everything fixed before we come along! Having carried out a system review a report is produced which identifies those things that we need to address immediately. These could be issues that are being passed to support or it could be chargeable work that the customer has been reluctant to do with their existing Dynamics NAV Support partner. We will make recommendations on performance and infrastructure, address any user feedback and also start to identify longer term strategic recommendations, such as training, reporting and functional requirements.

You won’t be surprised to learn that we do all of this is free of charge, our initial investment in what we hope will be a long relationship.

If you’re interested talk to us about moving to us for your Dynamics NAV Support then just get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!