Microsoft Dynamics Navision

An adaptable ERP solution to help small and medium-sized businesses to automate and connect their processes.

What is Microsoft Navision?

Microsoft Navision is an older version of Dynamics 365 Business Central, an ERP system that provides businesses with an end-to-end solution for connecting and managing all processes (such as sales, purchasing, accounting, plus general reporting). It's an adaptable solution that allows you to easily upgrade from entry-level accounting software and legacy ERP systems. That’s just a brief explanation of what Microsoft Navision is!

Dynamics 365 Business Central, however, is the next generation of Navision software (most recently known as Dynamics NAV) and as such, it has at its foundation a set of trusted, proven technologies. Being super flexible, it is designed to suit how you work and can be customised to fit your business, no matter what your industry.

Using Navision and just want support? Take a look at our Navision support details!

History of Navision

History of Microsoft Navision

The history of Microsoft Navision dates back to the early 1980s when three college friends from Copenhagen set out to create an accounting package that could run on a personal computer. Ten years later in 1990, they expanded beyond Copenhagen and into the UK where the Navision software was used for the first time, soon becoming popular with larger clients (100+ users!)

We have a handy timeline that documents the history of the Microsoft Navision software through to the present day. We also have a comparison table for different Navision versions which will help you identify when new features and functionalities were introduced.

Confused as to why Microsoft doesn't mention Navision on their website? That's because it has been rebranded a couple of times since its creation – firstly Dynamics NAV in 2005 and more recently in 2018, Microsoft renamed the product to Dynamics 365 Business Central. We often get asked 'what is the difference between Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central?' The simple answer is it's just Microsoft’s latest version of the Navision software!

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Navision Features & Functionality

Back in the early days of Navision, it had just six menu items: general ledger, sales and receivables, purchase and payables, inventory, jobs and resources. Even then, much of what we know and love today was perfectly formed in a character-based solution. That said, Navision still allowed users to move or hide columns, filter on any field and use flow fields to calculate values on the fly with date filters. One could also navigate around the system.

Fast-forward to the current day, and when we talk about the features and functionality available in Navision, we will be referring to what is available in Dynamics 365 Business Central – the latest version. 

Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to transform how you do business by streamlining and automating your most important processes. With Dynamics 365 Business Central managing critical activities, you can spend more time taking your customer engagement to the next level!

The features and functionalities of Navision have come a long way and with the current version, Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can not only integrate it with other Microsoft cloud services (including Office 365), but also extend for specific needs with Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI.

If you want to find out more about the features and functionalities included in Dynamics 365 Business Central (and there’s some really cool stuff), just click here!

Navision functionality

How much does Navision cost?

As you know by now, Navision is the older version of what is now Dynamics 365 Business Central. So if you’re looking to 'buy' Navision, you will actually be buying Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Let’s look at what you get with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Dynamics 365 Business Central licensing can be broken down into two options on a named user basis:

  1. Subscription: pay per user, per month. The ‘plus’ package includes an annual maintenance fee.
  1. Perpetual: the licence is yours, forever. You also have access to the latest versions, though you have a set number of users.

One last thing to consider is this: depending on where you want to host your system (on-premise or in your private cloud, a managed service or Microsoft’s SaaS), your licensing route may be affected.

In terms of how much Dynamics 365 Business Central costs, there are two purchase options: Essentials and Premium, both of which are based on user types (full and additional).

Want to learn more about Navision being replaced with Dynamics 365 Business Central? Click here to find out (including extra information on pricing and why price isn’t the main factor to consider when it comes to ERP implementation).

An old computer with a Navision screen

Navision Implementation

Looking for information on implementing Navision? It's easy to get confused with the various name changes – instead of a Navision implementation, what you'll actually be getting is the current version, Dynamics 365 Business Central! Head over to our implementation page to learn more.

P.S. If you’re worried about implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central, don’t be!

Our unique implementation methodology ‘A Day in the Life’ ensures that your system is designed to meet your day-to-day needs. We’ll look at your business as a whole and discuss your typical day-to-day processes to build a model of your business within Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The result? You get your data in a real Business Central environment, so you can see exactly what you’ll be getting!

Implementing Business Central

Navision Support and Training

If you’re looking for the very best Navision support and training, then you're in the right place!

As the most experienced Navision partner and reseller in the UK, we’ve been there, done it and got the t-shirt. Our team has over 1,900 years of combined experience – making us the number one Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP partner in the UK. So if you have a question or issue, we can probably solve it!

Some of our Navision support services include:

In addition to our fantastic support team, we also have a range of free Navision training and other resources for you to enjoy, such as our videos, whitepapers, and guides plus our regularly updated blog.

Navision Training

Our most popular Navision training courses are:

  • Finance 101: This course is designed for anyone new to the Finance Department or Finance in general and shows the capabilities of the solution and its uses.
  • Manufacturing 101: Develop your understanding of the Manufacturing module with this course and learn about planning setup, replenishment options, production, bills of material maintenance, routes, item costing and much more!
  • Purchasing 101: Consisting of vendor and item setups, purchase and payables, requisition worksheets and more, our course on the Purchasing module is the perfect way to develop your understanding.
  • Sales & CRM 101: This training course is designed for account managers, salespeople and marketing personnel who’d like to develop their understanding of the CRM module. It covers contacts, profiles, segments, campaigns and more.
  • Warehouse Management 101: Including warehouse setup, consignments, putaways, processing movements and lots more, this course was created to assist warehouse managers in understanding the Warehouse module.

Navision Upgrade

Looking to upgrade from Microsoft Navision? We’ve got you covered! Many of our current customers are on old Navision versions – the majority are still using versions that predate the current Role Tailored Client (RTC) visual interface, while some use Navision versions as far back as 1.3 and 2.6 (which were implemented in the mid to late 1990s).

Even so, whatever your requirement we can help you to get the most out of your Navision system. That said, we love to talk about and help bring customers into the new world of Dynamics 365 Business Central – the latest and greatest Navision upgrade.

If you want to find out more about what Dynamics 365 Business Central can do for your business (and highlight why it’s time to upgrade your Navision), click here. Of course, we recognise that not everyone can upgrade their Navision to a shiny new Dynamics 365 Business Central system, and that’s fine! For those of you who are unable to or not yet ready to upgrade, there are a lot of things you can do to your current Navision system to improve it.

Our MD describes this as putting ‘Lipstick on a Pig’, which essentially means ‘tarting up’ your classic Navision system. We can add bits and bobs on to it to improve its functionality. There’s also the option of a ‘technical upgrade’, which allows you to keep your existing functionality and modifications but support them with the latest executables.

Upgrade Value vs. Effort graph

Lastly, we’ll never force you to upgrade before you are ready. We’re happy to support you with your old Navision system until you are ready to move on. Also, thanks to our experience, we can look after any functional code in these older versions (and some of our staff love the nostalgia that comes with working with older systems).

However, while we can help you, we can’t change the underlying kernel that defines these systems. This means that as Microsoft drops support for security fixes/updates for these older Navision versions, there will always be some risk staying on them – and that becomes harder for us to mitigate. But rest assured, we’ll do what we can to keep your old engine running up until the day you’re ready to move to your new, shiny and functionally rich Dynamics 365 Business Central platform.

P.S. Are you worried that your system isn't performing as well as it could? Are your staff having to use manual workarounds to solve what should be simple problems? Why not take advantage of our free Navision Health Check? Our experienced consultants will do a review of your current system and processes before writing up their findings and talking through them at a time that suits you.

Navision Partner

The number one Microsoft Navision partner and reseller in the UK and Ireland

If you want to get more out of your Navision system, check its performance or upgrade to a shiny new Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, you’ve come to the right place!

We’re the number one Dynamics NAV partner and reseller in the UK and Ireland – and that includes Navision, too! We’ve been champions of Navision for so long that the majority of our team know it inside out (some have spent most of their adult life working with it).

As a result, we have roles dedicated to specific aspects of the Navision system and can offer expertise no other Navision partner can provide. Together, our team has over 2,000 years of experience working with Navision, making us the most experienced Navision partner in the UK and Ireland. Don’t worry, we’ve done the math.

Also, if you’re ever worried about getting Navision support from us – don’t be! There are over 200 of us and we have 50+ people on our support team. Every one of us is passionate about this amazing Microsoft technology, and that’s just one of the reasons why we’re the number one Navision partner and reseller in the UK and Ireland.

So whatever your issue or requirement, you won’t find a Navision partner with more experience and expertise than us. If you’re interested in finding out more or just want to have a chat, please contact us and one of our team will get in touch!

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